About our Wholesale Division

Who's that friendly face on our Company Logo?
Did you notice the friendly face of the old-time Butcher on our trademark? He's far more than just a company symbol-he's our father, Amos "Butch" Critchfield, and he's the one who started it all well over a quarter of a century ago. When he set out to establish USDA inspected Critchfield Meats, he could hardly dream what his little family business would one day accomplish, gaining a reputation for old-fashioned butcher shop quality that stretches from Lexington, Kentucky to people and restaurants across the globe!
The Critchfield Brothers
We inherited a lot from our father. Dad's talent for knowing and cutting fine meats to perfection and learning how to put the customer's needs first are just a few examples. Those attributes came through all the time we spent helping him in the store when we were kids. Dad used to say, "It only becomes work when you stop having fun, boys". He made our family business enjoyable for everybody, especially the customers. Maybe that's why personalized customer service just became so much a part of us. The knowledge and skills Dad passed on to us are virtually unattainable these days. Oh sure, we've added college degrees along the way, but at the heart of it all, we're still just fun-loving chips off the old butcher block. Yep, we inherited a lot from Dad, not to mention our receding hairlines. Then again, just imagine how much we've been able to save in haircuts over the years.
Critchfield Meats Today
Although the scope of Critchfield Meats extends to far-reaching markets, everything about the company still radiates that warm, friendly feel of a small town neighborhood business. You can call us up and talk personally to any of the Critchfield brothers anytime you like. We're always glad to hear from you. And we promise that no matter how big our company grows, we'll never forget the people who make us successful - YOU, OUR CUSTOMERS!
Please feel free to contact one of our sales reps or someone at our corporate office with any questions.
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Critchfield Meats Wholesale Division
This facility serves the needs to food services across central Kentucky. Besides having thousands of square feet of space, the plant accommodates new state-of-the-art equipment to handle meat processing and computerized shipping.

Quality assurance through advanced technology and daily USDA inspection:
Critchfield's processing systems include advanced "push-back" racking, calibrated temperature controls to assure freshness, and separate rooms that safeguard beef, veal, lamb, pork, poultry and cooked processed meats. By keeping products segregated in a sanitized environment that is USDA inspected daily, maximum protection against any form of contamination can be maintained and constantly monitored. Simply put, Critchfield's wholesale facility combines advanced technology with the kind of exceptional quality products and personalized service that has made this family-owned business a celebrated institution in its own right since 1969.
Our Wholesale Division HRI Products Line:
Critchfield Meats is a member of the American Culinary Federation, and the Kentucky Restaurant Association. We offer a complete line of USDA inspected food products for hotels, restaurants, hospitals, schools, government agencies and other fine food institutions. These products include:
USDA Choice Beef
Fresh & Frozen Poultry
French Fries
Cooking Oils
Paper Products
Custom Service and Custom Packing:
Personal visits at our processing plant are always welcome, and we even offer custom packing for distributors. Stop by and let us show you how Critchfield's hospitality applies to all our endeavors. Most people say it's our personalized service in the "Old-Fashioned Butcher Shoppe" style that makes working with us so pleasingly different.
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Wholesale Division:
Critchfield Wholesale Division
2285 Danforth Drive
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Retail Store:
Critchfield Meats Family Market
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For other information or for any questions about Critchfield Meats Wholesale Division, you can also email us at: orders@critchfieldmeats.com